Uranus | Atlas | War is Peace

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The piece "Uranus | Atlas | War is Peace" is part of the "Planetary Sublimation" series. The original is 24 by 24 inches and is Acrylic, Graphite and Ink on Wood Panel. The series was started in 2019 and is still currently being explored.

*limited edition canvas prints feature hand embellishments*

*all limited editions contain a certificate of authenticity*

Paper Prints / Epson Archival Matte / .5 inch border
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Canvas Prints / Picasso Satin / 370gsm with 2 inch border
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24 by 24 inches - open edition - $222
36 by 36 inches - open edition - $444
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More about the art:

"Over one year ago, this painting began at Shambhala Music Festival, when Earthgang brought fire to the downpour of rain we were all dancing wildly in at the Grove Stage. Earthgang kicked off the tour there of their then newly released album 'Mirrorland,' an artistic invocation of the idea that what we create within ourselves we see outside. 'Mirror, Mirror' investigates the role that technology will soon play in this world of reflections. For the first time in human history we are stepping into a new world of observation, where the outside world looks back at us in every moment, measuring and weighing our actions in a database that will far outlive our bodies. This is something close to the idea of a universal observer, or God, but in a way that we can witness and see involved in our daily lives. The mirror of technology has reflected so much back to us over the last year, with the rise of the BLM movement, systemic truths rising quickly to the surface for us all to see in plain sight. As technology grows, these reflections will keep rising, and the entire world will get a view of themselves they have never before been able to see." ~ Adam One