Live Painting

Live painting is ushering in a new era of art, turning the quest of an individual into a shared journey among creators. For all of time, the artist was a solitary character, creating within the silence of a laboratory. Live painting to me, is a journey back into the light, an acceptance of the role artists play in society and vortex for community. By bringing the act of painting into public view, the work becomes a collaboration with the environment. Forms are influenced by music, ideas are expanded through conversation, and new techniques are added every session by sharing space with other artists. Live painting has completely changed my process for the better, and it's my most preferred way to create. 

Rainbow Serpent - Jan 24th-27th 2020

Earth Frequency - Feb 14th-17th 2020

Cosmic Convergence - Dec 29th - Jan 1st 2020

Esoteric Festival - March 6th-10th 2020

Events of sun and moon cycles past:

Shambhala - 2018-2019

Lightning In a Bottle - 2018-2019

Sonic Bloom - 2018-2019

Bass Coast - 2018-2019

Cascadia Music Festival - 2016-2019

Imagine Music Festival - 2016-2019

Rabbits Eat Lettuce - 2019

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