Saturn | Adam | Lies Are More Truth

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The piece "Saturn | Adam | Lies Are More Truth" is part of the "Planetary Sublimation" series. The original is 24 by 48 inches and is Acrylic, Graphite and Ink on Wood Panel. The series was started in 2019 and is still currently being explored.

*limited edition canvas prints feature hand embellishments*

*all limited editions contain a certificate of authenticity*

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More about the art:
"It is said that we are born with original sin, every being entering this existence is marked by the wrongdoing of the One, original man. This ancient tale is expanded through new perspective and in extreme detail here, with the intent of rectifying our eternal fall and from it creating an eternal levitation. When taken literally stories and words can be enclosing and limiting. However when we approach a story knowing it to be fiction, we are more easily able to open our minds to concepts and ideas that are contrary to our reality. It is through this power of tale that we can achieve some of the quickest and deepest transformations within ourselves.

'Lies Are More Truth' is an honoring of the shapeshifter, the thespian, the story teller. An octopus is so much more than an octopus, as it shapeshifts from coral to rock to fish and back again. When witnessed as coral, the octopus is believed to be coral and treated as such by all that come into its vicinity. No creature illustrates better the truth of our universe that the All is One. We see this truth through the lense of science as well, within the Atom (Adam,) which makes up most of our observable universe.

Here Adam is seen reunited with the lost Eden, becoming One again with environment and knowing the interconnected nature of all. Working with both the forces of the universe now, life and knowledge, Adam becomes Kadmon, the archetypal eternal. Overlaid along the piece are visual representations of the spheres of sephiroth, from the qaballah." ~ Adam One