Mars | Azazel | Believing is Seeing

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The piece "Mars | Azazel | Believing is Seeing" is part of the "Planetary Sublimation" series. The original is 12 by 24 inches and is Acrylic, Graphite and Ink on Wood Panel. The series was started in 2019 and is still currently being explored.

*limited edition canvas prints feature hand embellishments*

*all limited editions contain a certificate of authenticity*

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More about the art:

"During the early days of humanity, there was much intermingling between angels and mortals. The rulers of the heavens decreed a deep separation and quarantine of the Power from the human realm, believing it to lead us to our destruction. Inspired by love and a deep empathy for mankind, some angels were unwilling to limit the capabilities of man. They shared with us the gifts and knowledge of the gods, facing eternal damnation for doing so. Without beings such as Azazel who is illustrated here, our progress through evolution would've been dramatically lengthened if it were to happen at all. 

The love Azazel felt for the mortals was the catalyst of their transgressions against the heavens. She gifted us the power of metals, of makeup, of metamorphosis into an eternal technological being just like her. Though we have spent a large portion of our time within knowledge misusing it, we are beginning to see its truer purpose within light, making conscious choices to use our gifts for growth rather than destruction. The stories of eternal damnation are remedied the moment we decide to use our gifts of creation for universal harmony, and behave as the gods do." ~ Adam One