Mercury | Hermes | Mercurial Hermunetics Tapestry

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The piece "Mercury | Hermes | Mercurial Hermunetics" is part of the "Planetary Sublimation" series. The original is 12 by 12 inches and is Acrylic, Graphite and Ink on Wood Panel. The series was started in 2019 and is still currently being explored.

  • includes "hanging-loops" for easy wall hanging
  • photo-quality printed on super-soft, fade resistant durable fabric
  • machine washable and dryer safe
  • made in the USA by Third Eye Tapestries

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More about the art:

Mercury is represented by the deity of its namesake, also known as Hermes. This character is one of great mystery and unrivaled power, exceeding that of Zeus himself. Why is it then that Hermes sits stationed below the ruler of the gods, tasked to be the messenger of eternity? The answer lies in an examination of power itself, and a consideration of an alternate source from which it originates. There is no question that when it comes to strength, the thunderbolt wielding - all knowing god of the sky reigns supreme. Not even the gods of war are equipped to overthrow the supreme ruler, so all fall into a strict hierarchy with Zeus ‘Cloud-Gatherer’ at the top. The boundless strength and endless vision that guarantee Zeus his throne, are the same gifts that Hermes is perfectly fitted to neutralize and subjugate, if he should ever want to. Zeus is tied to his throne for eternity, and to the fate of the world that he alone sees all of. He is the upholder of all that is, was and will be. Hermes has a power Zeus will never have, freedom. He is able to move freely through all the realms of existence, and to manifest before mortals in the physical. Though in mythology Hermes is only ever portrayed as a trickster, enacting small changes here and there to cause trouble for Zeus, there is a suggestion of of something much more at hand. Hermes moves outside of fate, outside of Zeus’ vision, and therefore can transform and write fate to his own will.