Word Is World

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The piece "Word Is World" is part of the "Spiritual Material" series. The original is 36 by 48 inches and is Acrylic on Wood Panel. The series was started in 2019 and is still currently being explored.

*limited edition canvas prints feature hand embellishments*

*all limited editions contain a certificate of authenticity*

Paper Prints / Epson Archival Matte / .5 inch border
9 by 12 inches - open edition - $22.22
12 by 16 inches - open edition - $44.44
18 by 24 inches - open edition - $88.88

36 by 48 inches - open edition - $333.33

Canvas Prints / Picasso Satin / 370gsm with 2 inch border
12 by 16 inches - open edition - $100
24 by 32 inches - open edition - $345
36 by 48 inches - open edition - $775
36 by 48 inches - limited edition - $1200
48 by 64 inches - open edition - $1380
48 by 64 inches - limited edition - $1830

Wood Prints *COMING SOON*


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More about the art:

"Anderson Paak is a wildly spirited and heart driven individual making big waves in the world of hip hop / R&B. His music bridges worlds of dark and light with high vibration, feel good soundscapes exploring success and abundance with soul. While witnessing ego within the hip hop is effortless, Paak helps us discover a more noble root to success and growth, feeling.

The imagery in this painting explores the spotlight, the fierce and powerful stance of a creator under the gaze of a planet's eyes. We live in a world now where no action we take goes unseen, no words we speak unquoted. Paak embraces this world with complete openess, allowing the public to view his world within the music and at home in private. It is a true stance, a being that is without a front, someone who truly enjoys living the life and isn't afraid to admit it." ~ Adam One