Sympathetic Resonance

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The piece "Sympathetic Resonance" is part of the "Temple" series completed in 2018. The original is 48 by 48 inches and is Gouache, Gold and Ink on Wood Panel.

*limited edition canvas prints feature hand embellishments*
*all limited editions contain a certificate of authenticity*

Canvas Prints / Picasso Satin / 370gsm with 2 inch border
12 by 12 inches - open edition - $65
24 by 24 inches - open edition - $265
36 by 36 inches - open edition - $575
36 by 36 inches - limited edition - $1000
48 by 48 inches - open edition - $1050
48 by 48 inches - limited edition - $1500
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More about the art:

"What we put out into the world is exactly that which we receive. This piece is an exploration on the phenomena sympathetic resonance, when objects in our environment matching our tone vibrate in response to our call. This is most clearly illustrated in music, with the way instruments pick up on other instruments and create a tertiary vibratrional field. It's fascinating.

Visually this concept is depicted through the element water, a medium known to carry sound waves great distances without interruption. It is a tale of the rise of Atlantis, a vibrational society thought to have disappeared from the earth. Perhaps it is that they've always been here, side by side us on a different octave. Through the techniques of meditation and focus, energies in the body can be aligned differently, opening up an entirely new outside world experience for us." ~ Adam One